Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Flagstaff Xeriscaping isn’t Just a Trend

Arid climates, like Northern Arizona, can be difficult to landscape because of the low precipitation and rocky soil. Flagstaff xeriscaping has recently gained popularity, with an environmental mindset catching on. But this isn't just a frivolous trend.

Flagstaff xeriscaping is not only environmentally friendly, but also picturesque and imaginative. When Showtime Dirt Works does your custom Flagstaff xeriscaping, they use local native plants to create a vibrant outdoor space that effectively reduces or completely alleviates the need for irrigation.

In this way, they actually diminish your work to result ratio. You’ll have more time to enjoy your garden or patio, without spending all of your free time watering it. These responsible designs can also make you feel good about saving water in such a dry area of the country, not to mention your monetary savings from your water bill.

The focus of Flagstaff xeriscaping is using effective irrigation, and drought-tolerant native plants, such as succulents. This doesn't have to mean that your garden is brown and rocky, though. Showtime Dirt Works has an eye for aesthetics, and the experience in Northern Arizona to transform your backyard into an environmentally friendly oasis.

It’s no wonder that Flagstaff xeriscaping is catching on. The benefits of an environmentally friendly landscaping option, combined with low maintenance and more time spent enjoying your patio or gardens are too attractive to pass up. When you begin transforming your outdoor space into your dream garden, keep Showtime Dirt Works in mind and their expertise in Flagstaff xeriscaping.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flagstaff Excavation for Fresh Construction

Before you build your dream home or add that guesthouse to your property, you’ll need to get a proper Flagstaff excavation. Showtime Dirt Works is happy to come and give a free consultation and estimate for all of the work that will facilitate your construction.

This professional Flagstaff excavation team covers all the bases. They do tree removal, and clean up so you won’t have a yard full of branches to contend with before starting your building project. They also do cut work, a common job in Northern Arizona, and Showtime Dirt Works happens to be the best at breaking up rock so you can build a solid foundation.

In addition to these usual Flagstaff excavation services, Showtime Dirt Works also does footing digs, back-fill and grading and engineered and compacted fill work. These ensure a level surface to build on, and provide the groundwork for solid construction. Thorough in their consultation, they are just as methodical in their execution of Flagstaff excavation.

If you need further Flagstaff excavation work, Showtime Dirt Works also does drainage systems and utilities work. Their utilities work is complete, including sewer, phone and cable lines, water and electricity. They’ll set you up for a hassle free building experience, and cover all angles of the necessary Flagstaff excavation for your project.

As if those exceptional services weren’t enough, ShowtimeDirt Works will give you a personalized landscape architect plan for free, if they do your Flagstaff excavation work to set up your building site. You’ll see the excellence in their work and want them to finish your project with a beautiful landscaped patio or garden. Call Showtime Dirt Works and see the proof of their professional, customer service oriented Flagstaff excavation.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Northern Arizona Wines and Vineyards

Although wine has been made in Arizona since the 16th century, vineyards for commercial consumption only became prevalent in the past 20 years. Northern Arizona wines are now becoming more popular each year.

With every new vineyard that opens in Arizona, people are starting to experience and fall in love with Northern Arizona wines. A combination of dry climate, desert soil and the perfect landscape, the vinification of wine in this area is not surprising. More and more, the secret is getting out: Northern Arizona wines are worth a try.

Even wine enthusiasts from California are starting to admit that Arizona makes good wine. One particular advocate for Northern Arizona wine is Vino Loco. They sell wine and host tastings in Flagstaff. Their support of the industry has helped bring Northern Arizona wines to consumers from all over the country. Many people have stumbled upon the local wine bar, and been pleasantly surprised by the local selection.

Northern Arizona wines are not only delicious, but also easy to find. Vino Loco boasts the largest selection of local varietals in Flagstaff. Located in the heart of downtown, they can tell you all about the wines you are about to taste and purchase. If you’ve heard of Northern Arizona wines and want to find out more, just head to Vino Loco in Flagstaff.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flagstaff Properties are Available Now

All varieties of Flagstaff properties are waiting to be purchased, with the help of AZNORTH Realty. Properties are available all over Northern Arizona, including rural and urban estates. It’s a great time to purchase Flagstaff properties, and AZNORTH is excited to help you take advantage of the opportunities available.

Whether your new Flagstaff property will be a seasonal property, a second estate, a first home or your primary residence, you won't be disappointed with your options in Flagstaff. AZNORTH works to acquire the most desirable Flagstaff properties with the lowest price point for you. They’ll guide you through your search and purchase with as much or little assistance as you need.

There are countless options with all styles of real estate to choose from. Currently, Flagstaff properties are selling at reasonable prices, and additional homes are constantly being added to the range of choices. AZNORTH looks for properties that nearly always include stunning views and well-built structures.

If your dream home is located in Northern Arizona, let AZNORTH help you find it. You can count on a comfortable buying experience, with the most knowledgeable real estate agents in the area. Flagstaff properties are going fast; so don’t hesitate to start your search. Begin your buying experience with AZNORTH and you’ll end up with the perfect Flagstaff property.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Flagstaff Wine Tastings Scheduled

This month, Vino Loco is hosting a number of Flagstaff wine tastings. They will feature many local wines to sample and purchase. Their online calendar is frequently updated with new events and Flagstaff wine tastings.

Many Flagstaff wine tastings are also pairings with food. They can illuminate great ideas for serving local wine with different types of food. These wine pairings also educate about the wines themselves, as well as the tradition behind them. Though not well known until recently, Arizona has been growing grapes and making wine for years.

Although Arizona may not have a long-standing reputation for wine, they are taking great strides to build a name in the industry now. Flagstaff wine tastings are a great step in that direction. They are gaining momentum with each event, involving and educating the local community and visiting wine enthusiasts.

Each Flagstaff wine tasting that Vino Loco hosts features new varietals and vineyards from the surrounding areas. It’s a great way to discover new wines, and learn from professionals. Vino Loco provides an easy introduction to local wine if you are unfamiliar, and in depth information for the knowledgeable wine enthusiast. They certainly would love to see you at their next Flagstaff wine tasting!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

AZNORTH Presents Flagstaff Real Estate

Flagstaff real estate is plentiful, but the right property is hard to find. AZNORTH can help get you into your dream home. Looking through listings is a long process, and purchasing a home can be scary. AZNORTH makes it easy to find, and comfortable to purchase your piece of Flagstaff real estate.

It’s an exciting time when you finally decide to become a homeowner. Whether you are looking for a second home, a vacation home or are buying your first property, AZNORTH will show you the best of Flagstaff real estate. They can guide you through the process of purchasing property, and have properties available in a wide variety of price ranges and locations.

Properties are available in and around the Flagstaff area, and have a wide range of scenic views, property and house structures and sizes. AZNORTH is excited to show their properties located at the base of the San Francisco Peaks. Nestled in the mountains, most properties offer stunning views and a variety of wildlife surrounding your potential Flagstaff real estate choices.

When you’re tired of searching endlessly for a property, AZNORTH looks forward to assisting you in your search and purchase of Flagstaff real estate. From the base of Humphrey’s to the base of Elden and everything in between and around them, AZNORTH will show the best selection of Flagstaff realestate. You want to feel comfortable and happy in your home, and AZNORTH is here to help. From the moment you set foot in your vision home, they will explain the features in detail and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Let AZNORTH help get you settled into your future Flagstaff real estate.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Taste Northern Arizona Wine

Northern Arizona wine tastings are scheduled in Flagstaff,at Vino Loco. A popular place in town to enjoy a great glass (or bottle) of local wine, Vino Loco is proud of their assortment of wine. Serving the largestselection of Arizona wine, Vino Loco carefully seeks out even the smallest wineries in the state, intent on bringing them to Flagstaff. They have weekly Northern Arizona wine tastings, with opportunities for more informal tastings at any time.

Vino Loco provides a relaxing atmosphere to learn and try new wines during their Northern Arizona wine tastings. They offer tasting and pairing notes, to help make the experience accessible to even the most novice wine drinker. At their Northern Arizona wine tastings, the goal is to bring great local wine to the attention of their patrons. Many of these wines were previously unheard of, but are now becoming popular nationwide.

Going to a Northern Arizona wine tasting is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening in Flagstaff. You’ll not only get to taste amazing new wine, but will also get to learn about the region a bit more closely. These wines could easily become favorites, as Arizona has a surprisingly impressive selection of local wine.

Northern Arizona wine tastings are also a great way to experience Flagstaff culture at its finest. Community oriented and local minded, these events provide the stage to let Flagstaff shine. Vino Loco happens to be the perfect venue for a memorable evening out. Come see what the excitement is all about, at Vino Loco’s next Northern Arizona wine tasting.