Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Flagstaff Xeriscaping isn’t Just a Trend

Arid climates, like Northern Arizona, can be difficult to landscape because of the low precipitation and rocky soil. Flagstaff xeriscaping has recently gained popularity, with an environmental mindset catching on. But this isn't just a frivolous trend.

Flagstaff xeriscaping is not only environmentally friendly, but also picturesque and imaginative. When Showtime Dirt Works does your custom Flagstaff xeriscaping, they use local native plants to create a vibrant outdoor space that effectively reduces or completely alleviates the need for irrigation.

In this way, they actually diminish your work to result ratio. You’ll have more time to enjoy your garden or patio, without spending all of your free time watering it. These responsible designs can also make you feel good about saving water in such a dry area of the country, not to mention your monetary savings from your water bill.

The focus of Flagstaff xeriscaping is using effective irrigation, and drought-tolerant native plants, such as succulents. This doesn't have to mean that your garden is brown and rocky, though. Showtime Dirt Works has an eye for aesthetics, and the experience in Northern Arizona to transform your backyard into an environmentally friendly oasis.

It’s no wonder that Flagstaff xeriscaping is catching on. The benefits of an environmentally friendly landscaping option, combined with low maintenance and more time spent enjoying your patio or gardens are too attractive to pass up. When you begin transforming your outdoor space into your dream garden, keep Showtime Dirt Works in mind and their expertise in Flagstaff xeriscaping.